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I have two books (Manuals) that are described below, and 8 DVD sets.


The FIRST MANUAL is my National Wing-t Playbook and Reference Manual 2016 “SECOND EDITION”.
The New Edition includes Belly Sweep and The SHOT GUN WING-T to the Old Manual. My rules and the explanation of each rule are what sets my playbook apart from any other playbook that you will find. I go in much detail explaining the rules and all of the coaching points for each position on each play.
 My playbook/Reference manual is my pride and joy.  It starts off going over all of the Organizational pages. My Play Call system (3 call system in detail), Formations, Shifts, Motions, Cadences, Hole numbering, Passing Tree, Check with Me's, O/Line call systems, Terminology, ect.
Next, I diagram each play versus 7 defensive fronts.  Then I list each rule, and explain each rule and technique in detail for all 11 positions. For example, for the lineman and the backfield, you don't just see their rules and assignments. I explain all of their rules and assignments in detail vs. an Even Front, an Odd Front, Cover 3, Cover 2, ect.  I do this for over 80 plays.


Ten and a half years ago, I took my O/line playbook and began writing the playbook that I would use if I ever became a Wing-T Offensive Coordinator. I wanted it, so that, I could write up every technique and coaching point that I thought would help me and my staff. I wanted to put into words, everything that I ever learned from the Wing-t Guru's I had the pleasure of knowing and learning from over the past 30 years.


To accomplish this task, I took my prior knowledge of the Wing-T, took all of the tapes, DVD's, and clinic notes that I had and put them into this Playbook. As I wrote up each technique and assignment I cross referenced it with every tape, DVD and note I had taken from these brilliant coaches over the past 30 years.  After the first Edition I spent the last 5 year learning enough to add the Belly Sweep and the SHOT GUN WIBNG-T.  The end result was this 306 page Playbook/MANUAL. 


Although I didn’t totally rewrite it, I did give it a complete overhaul. The 2002 version was 81 Pages and the 2014 edition is 146 pages. Besides doing a much more thorough job of explaining and updating each drill, I also added pictures to illustrate most of the drills. I inserted the pictures in sequence, in order to; illustrate how your player should look at each phase of the each drill.



My FIRST and most popular DVD ITEM  is My Wing-T Offensive Line Drill Progression, and Practice Organization Clinic DVD SET:  This encompasses 3 DVD’s.  The FIRST DVD involves me clinicing and Demonstrating my method of coaching Wing-T offensive Line technique, drill progression, and practice organization.  On January 28, 2014 I updated and improved this DVD.  This is my newest Wing-T Offensive Line Drill Progression, and Practice Organization Clinic DVD.  The last one I sold was from Jan. 29th 2008.  The other theme of this clinic talk is Shoulders versus hands.  This tape lasts about 3 1/2 hours.  In addition to my clinic on Wing-T Offensive Line Technique, Drill Progressions, and Practice Organization, I do a much better job clinicing when I use hands and the drills I use to coach it. This is a very detailed Wing-T Offensive line DVD that covers and demonstrates all five phases of blocking. I begin by explaining why we use shoulder blocking, and how I organize practice (it includes actual practice plans).  I emphasize how to coach the stance and align, How to Coach the first step, and a step-by-step approach on how to coach someone to shoulder block. The theme of this clinic was centered around the argument that, “It’s not shoulders versus hands” when coaching the Wing-T Offensive Line, it is what surface is the best for a blocker to use in each situation.  We have 4 surfaces to use, Shoulder Forearm, Shoulder Hands, Hands, and hand & Head.  When and how do we coach our lineman to use each surface?


The SECOND DVD in this set involves my Wing-T offensive Line technique, drill progression, and practice organization clinic from my Dallas clinic in Feb. or 2008.  This is also a very detailed clinic.   So you can get two Wing-T Offensive Line Technique, and Practice Organization tapes for the price of one. 

The THIRD DVD in this set, is my 2007 on the field DVD. This new and third DVD combines my new O/Line Drill Progression, and Practice Organization tape with over 2 hours of on the field practice.  I include my first practice of 2007 Team camp.  In this practice I teach most of my drills to the players (for the first time), then I have them do the drills while I correct them.  I also have most of my last practice (practice 6) where you can see their improvement.


If you check with my order form you will find that it is possible to order just my 2014 version, if you don’t want the other 2 DVD’s 


The SECOND DVD involves my new Rocket and Jet DVD from the National Wing-T clinic.  I have re-filmed my new Rocket and Jet tape and it lasts 3hours & 45 minutes.  After the National Wing-T Clinic I was not satisfied with the job that I did, and I didn’t get a chance to finish the Rocker/Jet passing game and everything that I want to say.  So when I was in Denver I filmed myself again giving this same clinic speech. This rendition lasted about 3 and I still wasn’t finished with everything that I wanted to cover.  When I returned home I finished this topic at Mercyhurst.  I cover Installing, Drilling, Check W/Me’s, and Variations.  Next I cover the Internal game, The Counter Game, and Rocket Passing (Taking advantage of Secondary Rotations). 
I have also included the Rocket/Jet clinic that I did in April of 2009.  It also includes everything that I would do with the Rocket and the Jet and how it is incorporated into the Wing-T offense. It has more stuff to the Tight End Side  This tape costs #30.00  (6 Hours)


My THIRD  DVD is my BLOCKING THE WING-T DVD.  It begins by explaining our Offensive line meeting procedure, our hole numbering, and our offensive line call system.  From there I go in to great detail to explain how I would coach the Offensive line to block each Wing-t Play. I give each rule, then I explain and demonstrate, in depth, how each rule is interpreted and the techniques used in blocking all of the base fronts. In this DVD I block the Buck Series (the 20’s) including Jet and Rocket; Next I block the 80’s (Down, Down Option, Belly, Belly XB, Ice, Keep Pass).  I continue from there discussing the following:  Counter, Counter Boot, Bunch, and Jet Counters (Sally, XX, Truck, Green and Red Light), Power Sweep, Flip, and XX to the SE.  

In the second DVD I review Buck Sweep, and Discuss: 22 Gut, 23 Slam, Rocket and Jet to the TE, Buck Shuffle, Waggle Solid, Throw Back Screen, 31 Power Sweep, 32 Power Off Tackle, Counter Short, Counter @. Adding Counter Short and Counter @ to your Jet Package, Scissors and More:


My FORTH DVD is a 6 hour clinic that involves:  (CAL TAPE) Running back practice org., our line call system, and an in depth clinic of  the Buck Series and its alternatives, The Jet Series, The Belly series, the Down series, and the Counter game ( Tackle Trap, and Tackle Trap Counter).  I did this clinic a few years ago in California.  It last about 6 hour.  More of a teaching tape.  This tape costs $30.00


My FIFTH DVD clinics our Check with Me system, several wing-T game plan topics (several excellent smaller topics), and a pass blocking technique.  It is a 3½hour tape. $20


My SIXTH DVD is my Pass Blocking DVD.  I did a speech on the techniques and drills of pass blocking.  It is $30.00 for the pass blocking tape, I include the new pass blocking drill sequence tape behind it, and a pass blocking and drill booklet that goes with it.  This booklet follows the speech and then some.  This tape lasts 3 ½ hours. $30

The SEVENTH  DVD is GERRY GALLAGHER’S DVD: RB & QB TECHNIQUE AND DRILL DVD:  it is an excellent clinic on the fundamentals and practice organization for Rib’s and By’s.  $20.00 



This set of DVD’s is centered on the Teaching, Drilling and Installing of the Traditional Wing-T Offense.  While we teach and drill the traditional Wing-t Offense we  integrate The Jet and Rocket Sweep and most of their complimentary plays.  The Jet and Rocket Sweeps have been the best Complements to Wing-t Traditional Wing-T since they Implemented the Down Series.


Last summer (2011) we (Dave McDonald, Tom Herman, Gerry Gallagher, and Brian Gallagher) coached several Wing-T Team Camps and we filmed everything we did during each camp.  Dave McDonald coached the QB’s, Gerry Gallagher, and Brian Gallagher coached the running backs, and Tom Herman coached the O/Line.  Three cameramen followed us around and filmed everything we did.  They filmed our Clinics, our Stance and Footwork progressions(Routine), Blocking progressions (Shoulder Skills, Single Blocks, Combo Blocks, and our Walk Through and Installations periods with our Specific groups.  It is similar to the 2007 DVD SERIES, except that we updated our clinics, Our Drills, Our Drill Progressions and our Walk throughs. I believe that we did a better job with all aspects of the teaching progressions and a much better job teaching and installing the Rocket/Jet Sweeps, and their complimentary plays.  To make sure that most aspects and plays were included, we went back to former camps and made sure that every play that we felt was important to the offense was included in this DVD series.  


We believe that this series of WING-T DVD’s would be very beneficial for your entire staff because it includes everything that would be needed to install the Wing-T (Jet/Rocket) Offense.  If you need to train, you and or your staff, every aspect of teaching and installing the Wing-T Offense, this is the DVD set you need. They film us clinic each play we insert (IN GREAT DETAIL) to the participating coaches, and it films us Install and Walk through each play with the players. We film each coach teach and coach their drill progressions to the players. It shows Dave McDonald go through how he teaches the QB stance, Routine (His Bird footwork progressions), the footwork for each play and his Passing Progressions Reads for each pass play. It films Gerry and Brian Gallagher coach all of their Running Back progressions.  They teach their Shoulder Skills and all of their single block progressions, the RB’s Routine (Bird Dogs) or performing their First Steps, Square Drill, how they efficiently practice each play (Handoffs and Technique) and their installation progressions. We film Tom Herman teach, drill and coach all of his Offensive line drill progressions. Tom teaches and drills Routine (His Stance and First Step progression), and his Shoulder Skill, Single Block, and Combo Block Progressions. We also film his style of Offensive line Install and Walk Through progression.


I like this style because the coaches explain and demonstrate each drill and play to the players (From Buck Sweep to Counter XX Etc.), then you watch the players perform each drill and play, and you watch Gerry Gallagher, Tom Herman, Dave McDonald and Brian Gallagher correct them. We film everything from the first three practices. Then as the progressions are repeated in the following practices we tape newly introduced drills.  

The basic format of the tape is that we clinic each play, in detail, on the board before each practice.  Following each clinic session we tape the QB, RB, and O/Line, on the field, practice sessions. During the practice sessions, we thoroughly teach the rules and techniques of each play to the players, and then we have them walk through each play for you to observe. 


The format of the DVD is as follows:


Practice #1

  1. Introduction and clinic the Buck Sweep, and Buck Trap to all of the coaches.

  2. Entire Offensive Line Individual Practice  + (Install and walk through Buck Sweep)

  3. Entire Running back Individual Practice + (Install and walk through The Buck Series)

  4. Entire Quarterback Individual practice  + (Install and walk through The Buck Series)

Practice #2

  1. Clinic Buck Waggle, and Jet Sweep to all of the coaches

  2. Entire Offensive Line Individual Practice  + (Install and walk through Buck Trap, Waggle & Jet)

  3. Entire Running back Individual Practice    + (Install and walk through The Jet Sweep)

  4. Entire Quarterback Individual practice       + (Install and walk through The Jet Sweep)

Practice #3          

  1. Introduce and clinic Belly X Block, Belly Keep Pass,and Belly XB Switch to all of the Coaches

  2. Entire Offensive Line Individual Practice  + (Install and walk through Belly Series)

  3. Entire Running back Individual Practice    + (Install and walk through Belly Series)

  4. Entire Quarterback Individual practice       + (Install and walk through Belly Series)

Practice #4

  1. Introduce and clinic Down, Down Option, Keep Pass TE and Rocket motion to the coaches.

  2. Entire Offensive Line Individual Practice  + (Install and walk through Down, Dn. Option & KP)

  3. Entire Running back Individual Practice    + (Install and walk through Down, Dn. Option & KP)

  4. Entire Quarterback Individual practice       + (Install and walk through The Jet Sweep)

Practice #5

  1. Rocket Sweep and Bunch Passing Game Out of Rocket and Jet

  2. Entire Offensive Line Individual Practice + (Install and walk through Rocket & Bunch)

  3. Entire Running back Individual Practice + (Install and walk through Rocket & Bunch)

  4. Entire Quarterback Individual practice  + (Install and walk through Rocket & Bunch)

Practice #6

  1. Introduce and Clinic Jet (Rocket) XX

  2. O/Line Line Individual Practice, Review All Drills + (Install & walk through Counter Criss Cross)

  3. Running back Individual Practice + (Install and walk through Counter Criss Cross)

  4. Quarterback Individual practice + (Install and walk through Counter Criss Cross)

(I added the following plays from previous years, so that, you had the total package 0f Clinics, on the Field teaching & Walk Throughs.  I refer to them as added practices to our camp, but they are plays and series of plays I felt were necessary components to the Jet/Rocket Wing-t.  So I added them to this DVD Set)

Practice #7 


  2. Gerry Gallagher, Dave McDonald, and Tom Herman Re-Teaches the Belly Series from the Regular

  3. Wing Formation (100 & 900) and Double wing-Slot (Red & Blue).

Practice #8


  2.  (Dave McDonald teaches his and Wofford’s version of how to Run Rocket Sweep.

  3.  Detailed clinic: Including on the Field Install and Walk Through by  Dave, Jerry and Tom Herman

Practice #9

  1. Counter Tackle Trap, And Counter Boot

  2. The Best  “B” Gap Counter to the Jet/Rocket Sweep Series

  3. Detailed clinic: Including on the Field Install and Walk Through by Dave, Jerry and Tom Herman        

Practice #10


  2. Gerry Gallagher does a great job clinicing on the board, and installing and walking through these plays with the players.  Gerry first heard this play taught by Bruce Cobleigh and then added his creative touch to it.

  3. The Red light and Green Light plays are innovative compliments to the Jet Sweep.

Practice #11


  2. The Best  “A” Gap Counter to the Jet/Rocket Sweep Series

  3. Detailed clinic: Including on the Field Install and Walk Through by Tom Herman and Dave McDonald

Practice #12


  2. The Best  “D” Gap Counter to the Jet/Rocket Sweep Series EXCEPT FOR WAGGLE

  3. Detailed clinic Tom Herman and Dave McDonald.

Practice #13


  2.  According to Dave McDonald this is The Best  “D” Gap Counter to the Jet/Rocket Sweep Series.

  3. Detailed clinic by Dave McDonald

Practice #14


  2. Gerry Gallagher, Dave McDonald, and Tom Herman give a detailed clinic on the Bunch series.

  3. They also explain the importance of the Bunch Passing game to the effectiveness Jet/Rocket Wing-T Offense.

Practice #15


  2. This segment shows Dave McDonald teaching the Jet Series out of the Gun, on the field, to a High School team.  In 8 minutes he has them executing all 3 plays.





  1. The Buck Series: Buck Sweep, Buck Trap, Buck Waggle.

  2. The Jet Sweep

  3. Belly X Block, Belly Keep Pass and Keep Pass Switch to the SPLIT END SIDE

  4. Down, Down Option, Keep Pass to the TE

  5. Rocket Sweep and The Bunch Passing Game from Down Action

  6. Counter Criss Cross (C Gap Counter)

  7. Belly Ice, Belly X Block and Belly Keep Pass (Switch) MORE FROM DOUBLE WING 

  8. ROCKET SWEEP (Taught by Dave McDonald with WOFFORD Influence)

  9. COUNTER TACKLE TRAP and COUNTER BOOT (out of Rocket and jet) (CLINICED IN DETAILED), AND PRACTICE INSERTION. COUNTER BOOT is my favorite counter passes.

  10. RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT (B and C Gap Conflicts for the Jet Sweep)            

  11. SALLY, (out of Rocket and jet) CLINIC, AND PRACTICE INSERTION. This is an updated version that we cliniced and updated this past summer.

  12. T\RUCK AND LASER   (D Gap Counters)

  13. ROCKET PASSES (Great “D” Gap Counter)


      • ROCKET PASS AS THROW BACK COUNTER. Coach McDonald believes that it is his Best “D” Gap counter off of the Rocket Sweep.

  14. Bunch PASSING GAME from Down Action (Dave McDonald)



If you wish to order this tape series or any parts of it:  Check out the Order form below or E-Mail me at

The normal procedure is to mail me a letter indicating what you wish to order.  I ask that you include your return address, and a check or cash for the amount that you purchased.  If you E-Mail me I will send you an order form, and you can mail that back with your order.


Tom Herman

Recreation &Fitness Center

Mercyhurst College

501 East 38 th St .

Erie , PA 16546-0001







1. Wing-T 2012  HERMAN/MCDONALD/GALLAGHER SUMMER CAMP DVD SERIES: 11 summer camp DVD’S( Includes Clinic & On the field practice progressions for QB’S, RB’S, & O/LINE)24 hours ....................................................................  $125.00 
2.  RUGBY PUNT (Dave McDonald Clinic and Walk Through) ........................................................................  $20.00

3. NATIONAL WING-T PLAYBOOK AND REFERENCE MANUAL............................................................. $75.00

4.  (NEW)WING-T OFFENSIVE LINE TECHNIQUE AND PRACTICE MANUAL........................................ $40.00
Click here for an excerpt of this newley update manual.

5.  WING-T O/LINE TECHNIQUE AND PRACTICE ORG. 3 DVD’S  SET (8 hours) .................................... $45.00
DVD #1 is my NEW 2012 Version,  DVD #2 involve My 2009 Version,   & DVD #3
has Practices #1, 2 & 6 from the Boro Camp DVD’s combined with this DVD series.        

6.  WING-T O/LINE TECHNIQUE AND PRACTICE ORG. 2012 version ...................................................... $35.00
(This includes 1 DVD (3/12Hours) of my Newest Wing-t Tech., & Pract. Organization Clinic

7.  WING-T  CLINIC, TECH. In CALIF.  TAPE (BUCK, JET, BELLY, DOWN, CNT )...............................,.. $30.00

8.  WING-T CHECK WITH ME DVD .................................................................................................................. $20.00

9.  PASS BLOCKING TAPE & BOOKLET ......................................................................................................... $30.00

10.  WING-T INNOVATION IN THE ROCKET & JET SERIES DVD (6 HOURS) ...................................... $30.00

11.   BLOCKING THE WING-T DVD’S   (4 Hours) .......................................................................................... $45.00

12.   GERRRY GALLAGHER’S RB/QB TECHNIQUE AND PRACTICE DVD’S ....................................... $25.00


Each item is priced to include shipping.  If you purchase one item it would be at regular cost.  For each additional item you purchase subtract $5.00.  For instance, if you purchase two items, such as both manuals your total would be $40.00, or the Technique and Wing-T Clinic In Calif. tapes the total would be $50.00.  If you purchased both manuals and the technique tape your total would be $65.00. Call me @ 814-824-3329 if you have any questions. 


Item #1 ____________________________                 Cost = ________        

Item #2 ____________________________                 Cost = ________     

Item #3 ____________________________                 Cost = ________   

Item #4 ____________________________                 Cost = ________   

Item #5 ____________________________                 Cost = ________   

Item #6 ____________________________                 Cost = ________    

Item #7 ____________________________                 Cost = ________      

Item #8 ____________________________                 Cost = ________


 TOTAL =  _______________



Tom Herman

Recreation &Fitness Center

Mercyhurst College

501 East 38 th St .

Erie . PA 15605 814-824-2269

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